Traymate Products goes national

By Kyle Blunt on Thu 12 April 2018 in Claygate News

Market-leading UK shower tray manufacturer and innovator Traymate has announced that it will be taking its brand national from June 2018.

The company has announced that its TMUK brand will be available via respected distributors Barwick Bathroom Distribution in Bradford covering the North, and Claygate Distribution Ltd in Kent handling the South. Already well-known to suppliers and distributors in the industry as the market-leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative 25mm shower trays and enclosures for the bathroom, with ranges designed for the wetroom-alternative, volume and anti slip markets, the company now plans to build on this awareness and develop it, to open up new opportunities for the growth of its brand at a consumer level.

As part of the roll out, the company is launching a consumer marketing campaign to bring the benefits of its wide product range to the market.

“This is an incredibly important piece of the jigsaw for us as a company” explains Steve Rance, Traymate’s Chairman. “We’re already well-known and recognised “behind the scenes” in the industry for our innovative products, thanks in no small part to the hard work of our key partners, but with this announcement we’re looking to take that recognition to the next level.”

For Clive Bonefaas, Traymate’s National Sales Director, the key to selling more product, whether supplied to trade partners as OEM or sold as TMUK branded, is to make sure potential customers understand the benefits of Traymate’s offerings.

“This marketing campaign is aimed squarely at educating potential customers in the benefits of buying into our product range, but whether that’s via our OEM partners, or under our own TMUK brand isn’t important to us – the key thing for us is to explain the superiority of the product range, set out the differences between us and our competitors, and establish our credentials as the market-leading manufacturer of 25mm ultralow profile shower trays.”

“This will directly benefit both us and our trade partners – a better understanding of the benefits of using our products will lead to increased levels of business, for us and our partners, from a customer base which understands what we’re about and what we offer. We are the ultra-low profile 25mm shower tray specialists, we don’t make trays in any other size, and we want everyone to understand why that’s special.”

Steve continues “As the 25mm market leader, with over 150 distinct products in our range, far more than any of our competitors, we need to be sure we have the capacity to scale up our operations to meet expected demand, and in launching this campaign we are reaffirming our commitment to the role distribution plays as one of our key routes to market.”

For Clive, the chance to present the benefit of what makes Traymate’s products so special is something he’s really looking forward to.

“We are a company which innovates every step of the way, from the design of our products to the materials and the processes we use to create them. With our wide range of products offering market-leading quality and design, we believe we have a story to tell which will really resonate with potential customers. “With our own innovative tool making facility and flexible production techniques we can continue to create desirable designs in white or other fashionable colours endorsing our unique market position.”

“We are proud of our patented anti-slip technology which offers market leading grip and under-foot confidence in the shower, benefiting all age groups in the family along with the less-abled.”

“We might want to show how our 25mm ultra-low-profile trays, designed to sit at tile level as an alternative to a more expensive wetroom or as an aid to those with limited mobility, can give you that wetroom look without the hassle of actually installing a wetroom, and how they offer customers with limited mobility step-free access into the shower. It’s only by getting
into a conversation with the consumer that we’ll really be able to do this.”

With his eyes firmly on the next six months, the final word goes to Steve.

“Of course, we are not stopping here, we have an exciting NPD programme that is ongoing. This is the future. We’re very excited to be taking this next step in the evolution of our brand,
we’ve put a lot of work into getting to where we are now, and I personally can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

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