Putting a smile on lovely faces

By Geraldine Lawrence on Thu 03 August 2017

Mel Streek, Joint MD of Claygate, had promised to give a ride to some of the kids from Demelza Hospice in Sittingbourne. Today the conditions were perfect and everybody had an amazing time!

On Tuesday 1st August 2017, Mel paid a visit to Demelza Hospice Care For Children in his helicopter.

Flights had been promised and the conditions were perfect to take six of the residents and their carers up and over the Kent countryside.

So in turn, Mel took Saphron, Emily, Austin, Levy, Lucas and Faye on a fabulous adventure flying over some of Kent's stunning scenery. The delight and excitement on the children's faces was heartwarming and knowing that this experience would make treasured memories for the children, their families and their carers, made the trip all the more rewarding.

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