Thermomirror - De-Steamer Pads

Thermomirror De-Steamer pads are the easy way to add that little bit extra luxury and usability to your bathroom. The thin heating element is adhered to the rear of your mirror and connected to your light switch or movement sensor. It prevents condensation and gives you clear visibility even after a hot bath or shower. Available in 7 convenient sizes that can be trimmed on site.

400 x 600mm Thermo Mirror De-Steamer Pads
Retail Price (ex vat): 83.34
Low Stock

  • Rectangular 
  • 400 x 600mm 
  • 57 Watts 
  • By Thermosphere Ref: MH0600 

600 X 800mm Thermo Mirror De-Steamer Pads
Retail Price (ex vat): 166.66
In Stock

  • Rectangular 
  • 600 x 800mm
  • 96 Watts
  • By Thermosphere Ref: MH0800

600 x 900mm Thermo Mirror De-Steamer Pads
Retail Price (ex vat): 176.03
In Stock

  • Rectangular 
  • 600 x 900mm
  • 108 Watts 
  • By Thermosphere Ref: MH0900 

750 x 1000mm Thermo Mirror De-Steamer Pads
Retail Price (ex vat): 238.81
Low Stock

  • Rectangular 
  • 750 x 1000
  • 150 Watts 
  • By Thermosphere Ref: MH1000 

Thermosphere Demister 850 x 1200
Retail Price (ex vat): 316.48
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850 x 1200mm

  • 204 Watts 
  • By Thermosphere Ref: MH1200