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NYMAS Grab Rail 300mm - White
Retail Price (ex vat): 10.61
In Stock

300 x 35mm

Exposed fittings 

By Nymas Ref: GR12/35/W

NYMAS Grab Rail 300mm - Chrome
Retail Price (ex vat): 27.72
In Stock

300 x 35mm

Concealed fixings 

By Nymas Ref: GR-12/32C/SSP

NYMAS Grab Rail 450mm - White
Retail Price (ex vat): 12.55
In Stock

2 Year Guarantee

450 x 35mm

This straight grab rail is essential for any disabled area and has been designed with a durable epoxy polyester coated finish and is available in several sizes: 305mm, 455mm and 610mm

Features include:

- Robust steel construction - Durable epoxy polyester coated finish

Exposed Fittings 

By Nymas Ref: GR-18/35/W 

NYMAS Grab rail 450mm - Chrome
Retail Price (ex vat): 31.13
In Stock

450 x 35mm

Concealed fixings 

By Nymas GR-18/32C/SP

Grab rail 600mm - Chrome
Retail Price (ex vat): 34.53
In Stock

600 x 35mm

Concealed fittings 

By Nymas Ref: GR-24/32C/SP